Petogen Vital 250ml (for cats & dogs)

Petogen Vital 250ml (for cats & dogs)

Petogen Vital promotes a gleaming pelt, ensures a healthy skin and increases the vitality of your dog.

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Petogen Vital contains all the micronutrients from vitamin B to zonx. Thus trace elements such as chromium, delenium, zinc, minerals, amino acids, the whole vitamin B complex and enzymes are present.

Enzymes are essential to the metabolism, since they are needed in all cells of the body. They are proteins which act as catalysts in the organism. 

In natural surroundings the ancestors of our dogs, wolves, instinctivelt first ate the stomach of their prey, thus ensuring "live, enzyme-rich nourishment"

However, enzymes are easily destroyed by heat treatment and are not present in dried and tinned feed.

A living orgaism needsliving nourishment.

Petogen Vital contains numerous natural enzymes since this product is not heat-treated. These enzyme yeast zells are produced according to Dr Wolz' special process.

In short, Petogen Vital is the appropiate product to build up your pet extensively and promote and maintain its vitality.


Feeding recommendation:

Mix into the feed once daily as a supplement.

Dosage spoon enclosed. Shake well before use.

Small dogs (up to 10kg): 1 ml per kg

Middle-sized dogs (10-25kg) 15ml daily

Large dogs (over 25kg): 20ml daily

Cats 5ml daily

At times of increased need (e.g breeding, pregnancy, growth) and as an aid to condition (competitions, exhibitions etc.) Petogen Vital should be administered over a longer period (e.g. 3 months) at an increased dosage of twice daily in the manner described.

For a longer lasting result, year-long administration is recommended.