Cool Sleeve Large

Cool Sleeve Large

The Cool Sleeve is a new cool way to give cold therapy with compression, in a sleeve, to your your knee, ankle, thigh and elbow. 

The sleeve is stretchy, but still tight around your limbs, providing 360 degrees of cold compression – no matter the age or size.

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How to use your Cool Sleeve

  • Remove your Cool Sleeve from its packaging, keeping it in its protective plastic bag, and place it in the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours
  • Take your Cool Sleeve out of the freezer when it’s sufficiently cold and pull up over the affected area (elbow, thigh, knee or ankle)
  • With the non-stitched end of the Cool Sleeve towards you, and stitched end away from you
  • Your Cool Sleeve will give you 20 minutes of cold compression on your muscle / joints
  • You can leave your Cool Sleeve in the freezer, in its protective bag, until you’re ready to use it